The teachers at NW have been enjoying this much needed break but looking forward to new and exciting things this fall. NW has been so fortunate to have the most loving and caring teachers in the area. After much thought, Mrs. Bishko has chosen to leave Natural Wonders to care for her grandson, Grady, full-time. It was a very difficult decision for her, since she has such a wonderful connection with all of her Natural Wonders families. Mrs. Bishko has been an outstanding asset and friend to all of us at Natural Wonders for the past 7 years. She will be greatly missed. But knowing Mrs. Bishko, I’m sure she’ll pop in to visit us. She has met with the new nursery teachers to help support a smooth transition into the school year.

Please help me welcome 2 new teachers to Natural Wonders along with our returning staff:

Mrs. Ariana Pavon- In addition to being an NW alumni parent, Mrs. Pavon attended Westchester Community college, and has worked in the early childhood field over the past 10 years. She also volunteered in our Nursery program last year. Mrs. Bishko and I, both are confident she is a good fit for our Natural Wonders philosophy and families.

Mrs. Jen Salinas - Also an NW alumni parent for 4 years, Mrs. Salinas has assisted in all classrooms, and supported the NW philosophy from day one. She is a certified teacher and is looking forward to being back in the classroom after taking a few years off to raise her 2 daughters. Mrs. Salinas has also been an NW alumni parent for 4 years, and assisted in all classrooms, supporting NW anyway she could.

Mrs. Kathy Denton - For those of you that do not know Mrs. Denton, you are in for a sweet treat! In addition to being a NW alumni parent, she has worked in all of our programs over the past four years. Mrs. Denton’s love for children and families is one of the reasons many families come back to Natural Wonders.

Mrs. Maria Sorrentino - A long time veteran of our preschool environment, Mrs. Sorrentino taught with Play and Learn for 5 years and then helped with the transition to Natural Wonders. This is her 14th year teaching. Mrs. Sorrentino is a gem! She loves sharing her passion of art and nature with the children.

Mrs. Kim Marchese - Mrs. Marchese is a certified teacher, with a concentration in reading. She has an unparalleled enthusiasm for teaching and is greatly admired by her peers, students and parents. Another NW alumni parent, this is her third year teaching at NW. Prior to taking time off to raise her 3 children, Mrs. Marchese taught kindergarten in Westchester for 10 years.

Mrs. Lindsey Waters - We are excited that Mrs. Waters is returning for her 2nd year at NW. Mrs. Waters joined us last year after working in a local Montessori program for over 5 years. She has helped educate our staff on some Montessori practices which have been incorporated in all NW programs to enhance fine motor, self help and academic skills. She is also NW alumni parent.

Mrs. Amy Conroy - Mrs. Conroy has been a long time supporter of NW as a parent alumni, volunteer, substitute teacher and teacher. She is a joy to work with and has tremendous compassion for her students. Prior to raising her three children, Mrs. Conroy taught kindergarten in a private school in Westchester.

Together, they make a fabulous team! A team that loves teaching, supporting students, families and each other. You and your child will have the opportunity to meet your child’s teacher on our visiting day or the first day of school. Details are being sent in a separate email.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Kind Regards,

Athena Colucci