"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."  Benjamin Franklin 
Nursery Class - 2 or 3 Half day program 

This program introduces socialization and self-help skills in a school structure through a playful group time with music, interactive games and literacy.   We offer exposure to a variety of art mediums for sensory exploration and open-ended creativity.  Children must be fully potty trained and turn 3* by Dec. 1.  

Pre-K Class 
5 half day AM or 3 Half Day PM Classes


In addition to reviewing skills gained in Nursery, this program introduces all the necessary skills to prepare your child for kindergarten. Listening, communication skills, group participation, self-help and personal safety skills, science exploration, math and literacy awareness are experienced in circle time and center activities.  While many activities are group related, much emphasis is placed on developing independence and following directions in preparation for kindergarten.  Children must turn 4* by Dec. 1.  

Rainbow Class
3 half day PM Multiage Class

This program incorporates a Montessori approach with a multi age class. Three and four year olds works together at their own pace. Goals are set to help them grow within their zone of proximal development. Curriculum is adapted to meet these goals with developmentally appropriate activities.